I know your struggles because I had them too...

I'd like to say that things started getting out of control once kids started outnumbering parents, but that's not the case. And not to say that our first daughter was easy, because we all know that raising kids ain't easy, but we thought we were pretty much pros at the whole parenting thing after our oldest got out of diapers. 

Which is why we decided to have another baby! Well, actually, it went more like...hey, let's have another baby...you sure?...yeah, why not?....well, maybe I should focus on finishing my master's and get into my career some...okay, that sounds like a good plan....honey, I missed my period...and the rest is history!

You know the saying "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?" Well, I'm not sure if things turned into a failure, but after #2, then twins, and then #5, I pretty much felt like I was failing at motherhood!

I looked like I was holding it all together and boy, was I busy! I kept myself busy so much so that I often was asked how I manage to do so much. You want something done, you ask the busiest person you know (and that was me, if you're following me).

But I was falling apart, for real! I was overweight by about 80 pounds, late for almost every event, had a horrendous memory because I always had a gazillion things I had to think about, and just plain miserable. 

I was running out of energy, patience, faith, and laundry detergent...especially when I decided to use cloth diapers (what on earth was I thinking?!). I was headed down a road that made me almost regret motherhood. Thank goodness the regret didn't swallow me. But anyways, you get it. It was bad!

2010 found me homeschooling four kids, caring for baby #5, running our business, involved in multiple community organizations, and living in a town thousands of miles away from my family of origin. To say I was busy is an understatement. How was I possibly going to make any changes when so many people depended on me and I barely had  time to think much less create a different life for myself?

 I felt miserable and I began to see how my unhappiness affected all areas of my life and most importantly, my relationships.

I was waiting for the stars to line up to do something about my life until I began working on the common denominator of all my misery- me!

I had to make myself a priority as if my life depended on it (because it did)!

I learned to put on my own oxygen mask before assisting those around me and by doing so, I discovered that not only could I better help others and improve my relationships, but things improved in all the areas of my life.

Because I focused on taking care of myself (and not despite it) I was able to once again embrace the joy of motherhood that I had lost over the past years. I found myself and became who I was meant to be all along!

Now, it's your turn. And I can help.


Why I Do What I Do: